Bart achtergrond retraites

Individual retreats Morvan

More and more people are also opting for an individual retreat Morvan. Retreating literally means withdrawing from everyday life, isolating yourself for a while.

Some people choose this in a period of high work pressure or even stress, others when recovering from a loss (end of relationship, loss of a job, a death) or when facing an important decision in their lives.

A retreat also provides space to write. Taking some distance during an individual retreat in Burgundy can be helpful in any process, especially in this beautiful place, in the middle of nature where it is still really quiet.


Retreats in theVilla des Abeilles

My house lends itself perfectly to an individual retreat France, because of both the rooms, the space in the house, the large garden with lots of privacy, the silence and the surroundings. If you need to spar, you can.

I also advise you to make silence part of your retreat and am happy to help you put together a programme. Are you wondering what a Morvan retreat at Villa des Abeilles could look like for you? I will be happy to answer your questions.